30 Best HD Landscape Wallpapers

 I love nature, I love to travel (not that I get to) and I love photography despite the fact that I usually move around holding a camera in my hand. I just use my smartphone as my only camera. I enjoy traveling naturally beautiful places, but as I told you I don’t get to travel very often mostly because of my work. But when I do, I take a lot of pictures mostly shooting landscapes or Macros though my photography skills suck.

Often I use those photos as my desktop wallpapers. Despite the fact my photography skills suck, I love putting my own photos as my desktop or smartphone wallpapers. I also search a lot on the internet to find high-resolution photos of beautiful landscapes, flowers etc. I find them refreshing when I am bored working on my PC.

Here in this post, I have listed 40+ HD Landscape wallpapers that I found searching on the internet. I won’t spoil your mood by including my own photos, don’t worry. All these wallpapers are at least 1920 x 1280 resolution and are crystal clear with saturated colors. While many will disagree with me, I preferred a bit saturated wallpapers over those with natural colors.

Enjoy Best HD landscape wallpapers

manhattan-bridge manhattan-arial-view lakeside-house-new-zealand golden-gate-bridge White-Mountains-Dark-Green-Trees Waste-Lake-Sorrounded-By-Mountains Waste-Green-Landscape Snow-Covered-Mountains-Landscape Sea-Beach-With-Brown-Sand Lone-Cottage-in-Snow-Landscape Mountain-View-of-A-City Lone-Tree-Surrounded-by-Snow-Landscape Le Puy, France Old-House-in-A-Barren-Land Sand-And-Rocks-Landscape Oassis-Seashore Forest-With-Snowcovered-Mountains-in-Background Clear-Water-With-Yellow-Trees Canyon-Rocks-HD-Landscape Beautiful-Lake-Water-Meeting-The-Sky Beautiful-Green-Urban-Landscape Beautiful-Green-Seashore-Mountains Beautiful-Green-Crop-Landscape beautiful-clean-lake Beautiful-Blue-Sea-Water-Along-a-Green-Shore Cattle reflected in a pond near Woodstock, Vermont, USA A-Beautiful-Small-Village-In-The-Mountains

These were the some of the best HD landscape wallpapers that I found. I hope you liked it. If not I ask your forgiveness. Stay blessed.


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